Experience comfort and luxury.
A beauty treatment while sleeping.

Following a body-care philosophy, the brand sets up a new line, mikmax beauty, in which a new luxury fabric is introduced: the silk.

Silk is more than just a luxury textile: it has many hair and skin health benefits.

One of the main advantages of silk is that, being a non-absorbent fibre, it retains the natural moisture of the face and the hair, and keeps them hydrated. Moreover, resting on a smooth surface reduces friction, which means minimizing morning creases which could cause early aging, and decreasing at the same time the breakage and the split ends of the hair. Silk is also hypoallergenic and a natural temperature regulator.

Currently, the pillowcase, made of the highest quality silk available, the mulberry, is the item that has launched the line, although mikmax is planning to come out with a range of products that promote the best beauty sleep and comfortable in a near future.


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